Vacancies and Placement Opportunities

Current vacancies

Vacancies for Counselling Jobs

At the moment we are not recruiting anyone to join our team. However, we expect to need a relationship/family therapist willing to work evenings or weekends once the COVID-19 situation settles. We would might look to recruit a play therapist around the same time. If you are interested or would like us to keep you informed of future vacancies, please email a CV and brief bio to

Placements for Counselling Students

Occasionally, we take students on placement but we have a waiting list of students wanting to work with us so cannot offer placements at present. Our minimum requirements are:
  • BA, BSc and MSc students: We can offer students on these courses a first placement, subject to them having been certified fit to practice.
  • Level-4 students: You must be in your last year and already have had at least 30 counselling hours in another placement.
  • All students: must have professional liability insurance and an active DBS certificate. If you do not have a DBS certificate, we can apply for one for you at cost.
Please keep an eye on this page if you are interested in having a placement with us. We will update it as the situation changes. If you are a counselling student, you might also be interested in our counselling and supervision services.