client testimonials written on a jotter

The following testimonials are genuine client feedback used with explicit informed consent. To maintain confidentiality, we have changed client names.

Meeting and having confidence and trust in a neutral person, who is not afraid to help you see things differently, [really helped]. An unexpected positive outcome.


I found Dave very easy to talk to. He is calm and measured, a very good listener who does not judge. He makes constructive suggestions in a gentle and encouraging way. Thank you.


Laura is fantastic at putting you at ease and helping to make yourself realise where you can move on and provide the tools to rebuild your life in a safe environment.


Just talking about it in general has helped in many ways,  I find it helps a lot to vocalise my problems rather than thinking about them.


This is my first experience of counselling and I have found it to be very positive.


I just wish it had taken place a lot earlier, but better late than never.


Excellent – It has helped me so much with coming to terms with the loss of my partner.


Laura has been amazing. When we first met I don’t think either of us thought the therapy would last so long and I thank her for that. I wish her well with her other clients, they are lucky having Laura.


I feel that talking to David has considerably helped how I judge things and how I feel about myself in general.


I realise the sessions I have had have not been a ‘magic fix’ of my problems, but I had reached a point where I was very concerned about my emotional state. I now feel calmer and more able to carry out day-to-day commitments and feel I will be able to recover.


David was a great listener and asked the most thought provoking questions which helped me to put things into perspective, I’m just sorry I didn’t meet him sooner.


I have found the service excellent and life-changing. Thank you.


One of the best decisions I’ve made and fully appreciate the advice from Dave


I almost can’t put into words how much my life has changed, I have addressed issues I didn’t know I had and this has had such a positive impact on areas of my life I didn’t think possible. I would like to thank Dave for showing me it was ok to feel like I did. And not only that, but it was acceptable and expected. I feel I have dealt with past grief and can move forward in life.


I would like to thank David for creating a relaxed environment and for being very approachable during the sessions. It made it so easy for me to open up. Thanks


Thank you to David for his time and professional approach, it has been an eye-opening experience!