Simple Pleasures: 9 “Little Things” That Mean A Lot to Your Partner

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Relationships do not come with an owner’s manual. And we can be thankful for that. We develop and grow and our connection deepens. But often, it becomes necessary to do some work to keep that connection strong. That’s where the “little things” become huge.

For example: If you have kids, you may feel like you’re co-owners of a day care center. If you’ve lived together for many years, watch out for roommate syndrome.

Bumps in the relationship road sneak up on you, but you can always get back on track. A great pace to start is, well, the start.

Remember how it felt to woo each other with small gestures when you first met? Everything seemed to have meaning. Everything still has meaning! The trick lies in never getting complacent.

9 “Little Things” That Mean A Lot to Your Partner

The big things in any relationship are certainly big. From owning a home, to moving house, to starting a family, the list goes on. The glue, though, that holds it all together is the little things. Things like:

1. Listen

Let’s be honest. This is far from a “little thing.” But it tops the list because you can do right away it. And its impact can last a lifetime. Create a safe space for you and your partner to share and talk. There is no doubt, good communication will become the foundation for your future.

2. Say “I love you” first

Are you always the one saying, “I love you, too”? If so, that needs to be addressed. You really don’t need a reason or excuse to say “I love you.” If you feel it, say it!

3. Be compatible

Love can be eternal. But compatibility is fluid. Do the work to understand your partner’s needs and interests. Try unfamiliar things. Maintain an open mind toward each other. Learn, grow, and develop together.

4. Cuddle

Cuddling might be the most underrated act of intimacy in the world! We crave touch and intimacy. We love to feel safe and protected. Cuddling is all of that and more. So, always make time to cuddle.

5. Give good apologies

“I’m sorry if you were offended” or “I’m sorry you feel that way” are not apologies. When you mess up, hold yourself accountable. Acknowledge what you did. Express remorse. Take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. To apologize is to take responsibility for your own behavior.

6. Be spontaneous

We have alarm clocks and job hours and all kinds of scheduled plans. Those facts make it even more important to give the gift of spontaneity as often as possible. If your partner has a “crazy” idea, try going with it. Saying “yes” is one of the most intoxicating little things in any relationship.

7. Be reliable when it matters most

Of course, there are times when spontaneity is not appropriate. Your partner needs to know they can count on you. Everyone’s life has its challenges. Those are the moments when we reveal our commitment and courage.

8. Flirt

Flirting is not just for strangers. Flirting is exciting at any stage of your relationship. In this day and age, you have the added advantage of technology. Sexy texts, Facebook pokes, and more!

9. Have their back

Life offers many opportunities for you to stand side-by-side with your partner. Make them count. You are a team after all. Express that connection sincerely and frequently.

One more tip…

Try couples counselling.

Far too often, we see therapy as a choice only when a problem emerges. But counselling can be a wonderful way to prepare for a big change or nip trouble in the bud before it ever starts.

As we said at the beginning, compatibility is a process. It’s made much easier when you have someone knowledgeable to guide you. If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please call us on 0151 329 3637 or email Alternatively, fill out our online referral form and we’ll get back to you.


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