3 Conversation Starters for Couples and Families

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Whatever your relationship status, we can all find it hard at times to strike up a conversation with someone, particularly if you’re nervous or if you’re in a relationship which has become stale and you’ve stopped talking. Here are some conversation starter resources we have found to be helpful:

TableTalk Conversation Cards

TableTalk cards
These cards act as prompts to start a conversation, posing questions to discuss together. Some are serious, some humorous, while others demand a more creative response. None of the questions have “right or wrong answers,” so there is no worry about “getting it wrong”. Used in a family setting, the cards enable even the youngest child to venture an opinion. The cards themselves are well made and have a nice feel. However, the format of the cards and the illustrations on them do make then look a little “young”.
The Art of Conversation card game
Stepping up a gear in price and product, this pack is more designed as a game. Each card has three questions on it giving the person taking the card more choice in what they answer. The third question of the set is designed to be a little more challenging, though I didn’t particularly notice any difference myself. There are 100 cards in the set, giving a total of 300 questions, plus a few blanks to add your own questions if you want. While this set is “for all ages”, some of the questions are clearly adult: “Who taught you to drive and were you happy with their approach”, though each card does carry alternative questions more suitable to all ages. The same publisher also produces a children’s version: The Art of Children’s Conversation – Talk – Listen – Learn.
101 Conversation Starters for Couples book
his product is totally different in that it’s a book containing 101 conversation starter questions specifically intended to help couples communicate. It was originally published in a spiral-bound format under the title Love Talks for Couples and I much prefer that format, although the book is cheaper. The author claims its questions will help couples find their relationship enhanced, their intimacy deepened, and their romance ignited. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but some of the questions did provoke more conversation. There is also a version intended for families.

These are just some of the many conversation starter type products on the market. Please let us know if you have tried any of them, or if you can recommend anything else. It’s very helpful to get feedback on the products we recommend.

What if you need more?
Sometimes all we need is gentle prompt to get us talking again. But, if you have found yourselves growing apart for some while, you might need a bit more help. Relationship counselling can help you reconnect and begin to talk about some of the difficult topics that might have pushed you apart.

Whether you’re a new couple or have been together a while, or if it’s more of a family thing and you’re not getting on, counselling could help. Call us today on 0151 329 3637 or email enquiries@counselling-matters.org.uk. We would be happy to speak with you.

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