6 Top Tips to Avoid Blushing

A woman blushing and hiding her face in her hands - 6 Top Tips to Avoid Blushing

Relax out of it

Blushing tends to get worse as we get embarrassed about our embarrassment. It creates a vicious cycle which maintains and deepens the blushing. Instead, when you start to feel yourself blush, consciously relax, deliberately letting your shoulders drop, your body relax and your stomach to hang loose. Take a few slow, deep belly-breaths to help you relax and the blushing will soon fade.

Announce it

One thing that allows the blushing-cycle to continue is trying to ‘hide’ the blushing. While it might sound cringe-worthy, it can really help if you can announce it: “Here we go, I’m going red now” or “Oops, I’m blushing”. The fact is that no one is particularly interested, but when you ‘unmasked’ the blushing, it often stops pretty quickly.

Accept it

Blushers blush because of the fear of being seen differently from how they want to be seen. Almost everyone blushes from time to time. Part of the cycle that maintains problem blushing is the desire to hide it, because you’re embarrassed about it. If you can become more relaxed about blushing, the blushing will reduce. This is easier if you can accept blushing as part of yourself, as you are right now. Try saying to yourself, “at the moment, I blush easily”. The more you can accept that part of yourself, the more it is likely to go away.

Put it into context

Part of the embarrassment of blushing is the thought that others may see you as weak or silly. However, everyone has had the experience of being embarrassed; and it’s not nice for anyone. Any decent person would be sympathetic and understanding. If they are not, are you that bothered about what they might think?

Visualise it

The mind has an incredible capacity for visualisation and responds to visualised events in as much as it does when experiencing the actual thing. That’s why professional golfers, divers and many others use visualisation to perfect their technique. Try visualising going into situations which make you blush, but without blushing. Mentally observe yourself taking the meeting, giving the training or meeting a stranger (whatever situation gives rise to your blushing), remaining totally calm throughout. Repeatedly rehearsing the scene in your mind will help you feel cool, calm and collected when it plays out for real.

Chill a while

Before you go into a situation in which you’re likely to blush, take a little time to relax, breathing deeply, mentally repeating, “Calm, Relax” with each breath. When you’re feeling still within yourself, carry on. You’re much less likely to blush if you’re going into the situation feeling calm and relaxed than you would be going in feeling anxious or nervous.

STOP blushing

Stop–pause a moment before going into a situation which may make you blush

Take a few slow, deep breaths

Observe your body relax and your skin cool

Proceed with what you’re doing in a calm, relaxed state


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