Do you have a male/female counsellor available?

Yes, we have both male and female counsellors but all our counsellors have a broad experience of counselling both men and women.

All our counsellors are familiar with such issues as:
  • family issues
  • emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • relationship problems and domestic violence
  • sex addiction and the use of pornography
  • high and low-libido, painful sex, vaginismus
  • erectile dysfunction
  • menstrual difficulties / phobia
  • self-image / body / weight issues

While it is natural to feel that you may be able to communicate better with someone of a particular gender, opposite gender therapists can be very beneficial at helping you see the other side of a situation. Some female clients may be wary of seeing a male counsellor and vice-versa, but then find it to be very helpful.